Air Force One

As Blood Runs Black

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In the darkness I wait
I'm hiding from the world
The time has finally come
I will give into this curse

Her presence is felt
with this fire in my eye
I'm losing control.

I grab her from behind
with a firm grip on her arm
submerging in this bliss
to fufill my fantasy

Nothing could be said
not a single fucking word
not a single fucking word!

This is it
My reckoning
I hear her muffled screams
as she is trying to resist

Hit after hit
I force my way in.
I bring a morbid truth
as I consumate this sin

Lost crontrol of me

And in her face
I see a fear
Taking over me.

In her face
I see the fear
taking over me

See her fear taking over me.

My face is sweating
As I feel her tenderness
from the inside
so innocent

My lust condems me
Now she must live my curse
i feel her fear
grow to animosity

For I have used her flesh
as my carnal paradise
now I leave her with this burden
her worst nightmares come alive

Feeding off this elation
I strike her one last time
gazing at her uncoscious
I finally feel alive

Without an ounce of regret
and my chin up to the sky
She's bound to rot

This malice
forever piercing through her soul
she's bound to rot

This malice
forever carved

For this night has left a hunger
I have to feel this way again.

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